It’s never too late to start again

For career-driven Kate Burrows, life is pretty much perfect: great job, fab flat and a gorgeous guy to share it all with. With every box on her checklist ticked, Kate thinks she’s happily in control of her own destiny… until the troubled past she’s tried so hard to suppress threatens to sabotage everything she holds dear.

Stuck in a rut of useless boyfriends and growing debt, odd-jobber Charlie Hanford desperately wants a new life, but self-doubt holds her back. Then one day Charlie gets a job cleaning a stylish seafront flat in Brighton…

Meanwhile, B&B owner Miriam Greene’s only wish is to put the past behind her once and for all. For despite her transformation – from alcoholic train wreck to teetotal meditation teacher – Miriam has yet to gain the forgiveness of her daughter.

Charlie dusts and hoovers, envying the life she glimpses once a week. But when she discovers one of her employer’s unwanted birthday presents – a basket of handwritten mantras – fate brings the three women together.

A book about women, friendship and self-love.

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