Package Deal

One bunch of Brits… one mountain of excess baggage

At first glance, it seems to Mia that the occupants of the neighbouring apartments are a typical bunch of Brits abroad – loud, embarrassing, to be avoided. But then she hadn’t come to socialise with other holidaymakers… She had come to Kefalonia to pay someone a surprise visit.

Meanwhile, her neighbours, young lovers Jo and Nathan are looking forward to two weeks of sun, sea and sex, while bosom buddies Caz and Babs are leaving the kids behind to celebrate their divorces over as many ouzos as they can pack into a fortnight. Frank and Margaret are making one last attempt to salvage their forty-year marriage, while gay meditation guru Shantee has come to find serenity in solitude. Lads-on-the-loose Craig and Steve are on a mission to bed as many babes as possible, while a miserable Simon is on his honeymoon – without his bride.

And then there’s local heartthrob Dimitri, who will do whatever it takes to escape the very same paradise his guests have been dreaming of.

They each have a suitcase full of expectations, but after two weeks together, no one is who they first seemed to be, and no one’s holiday turns out quite how they imagined…

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Praise for Package Deal

“I love this book – it’s an incredibly funny, feel-good page-turner.”
Dorothy Koomson, bestselling author of My Best Friend’s Girl

“This is the Brits abroad in all their glory. It made me laugh out loud.”
Simon Nye, writer of hit TV series Men Behaving Badly

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