My books

Four of my novels (comedies for adults) plus a collection of short stories for young children are available to buy on Amazon. I self-published them after previous agents were unable to find publishers for them. I don’t see these books as rejected manuscripts but as stepping stones on my writing journey. I wrote Package Deal back in 2003 and I’m still proud of it – even if I would write it slightly differently today!

Blurbs in a nutshell:

Package Deal is about a group of British holidaymakers whose lives become entangled on the Greek island of Kefalonia.

Hot Property is about a group of British expats who find living the dream in Crete is tougher than they’d imagined.

Pearls is about three very different women whose lives collide when an unwanted gift falls into the wrong hands.

Blown-Away Man is about an advertising exec who goes on a journey of self-discovery after an old friend drops a bombshell on him at a school reunion.

The Adventures of Fartella Gasratilova is a collection of short, humorous stories (of a rather windy nature) for children. It would’ve been called The Adventures of Fartina Gasratilova, but then I imagined a very unamused Martina Navratilova catching wind of it (sorry) and decided it might be best if I changed the name. (Obviously I do have an overactive imagination or else I wouldn’t be a writer in the first place.)

The Reinvention of Rolo Rawlings is about a 14-year-old amphibian enthusiast who tries to overcome the everyday challenges in his life (such as avoiding his fame-hungry sister and lusting after the new girl at school) while his dad remains in a coma following a mysterious accident.

Clementine Florentine is about an 11-year-old budding poet whose dad starts dating the mum of her classmate and sworn enemy. An ageing punk legend, a chatty parrot and a passion for poetry all play their part in fixing a problem of Clementine’s own making.

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