About Tasha

A sub ain’t just a sandwich
Hello! I’m Tasha and for many years I’ve worked as a copywriter for the graphic design agency I run with my husband, Chris. Before that I worked as a sub (-editor) on a range of magazines from glossies to TV guides. I love writing snappy straplines and captivating copy, but I also have an incurable weakness for puns, rhymes and alliteration – an occupational hazard that stems from when I used to edit the soaps pages at The Sun TV Guide.

My writing journey
I’ve been writing novels (initially adult comedy drama, more recently YA and MG) for nearly 20 years. Along the way, I’ve gained and lost agents, received hundreds of rejections, enjoyed humble success at self-publishing, and have often come close to quitting what has, at times, felt like the writing equivalent of a marathon without a finish line.

However, a lot of positive things have happened in the last few years: Firstly, I found new representation (with the lovely Lauren Gardner of Bell Lomax Moreton Literary Agency). My YA comedy drama The Reinvention of Rolo Rawlings was shortlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2017 and longlisted for the Mslexia Children’s Novel Competition 2018. Then my MG comedy drama Clementine Florentine was longlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2018 and is now out on submission with publishers.

(If you’re a writer who could do with some help whipping that manuscript into shape, please go to my editorial services page to see how I can help you.)

My blog
My blog is where I: blow off steam about disastrous camping trips and the perils of getting a dog when you’re really a cat person; discuss books with my husband and lippy teenage daughters (under the heading Book Chat Backchat); and share the occasional silly poem about random things like budgie smugglers. From time to time I also post about my writing progress – or lack of it…

Writing aside…
I live in Brighton with my husband, two daughters, an incontinent cat and an excitable Labrador with faulty taste buds. When not at my laptop, I can be found in the local park, apologising to strangers for my dog’s antics and sheepishly offering them wet wipes. (Eco-friendly ones, of course.)

Email: tharrisonwriter[at]gmail[dot]com or follow me on Twitter

I‘m also on Facebook as Tasha Harrison writer and am finding my feet on Instagram as Wordysnappinghood.

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