About Tasha

Name: Tasha Harrison

Occupation(s): Author, copywriter, wordsmith.
Novels: Package Deal, Hot Property, Pearls, Blown-Away Man, The Adventures of Fartella Gasratilova.
Genre: Comedy Drama.

Blurbs in a nutshell: Package Deal is about a group of British holidaymakers whose lives become entangled on the Greek island of Kefalonia.
Hot Property is about a group of British expats who find living the dream in Crete is tougher than they’d imagined.
Pearls is about three very different women whose lives collide when an unwanted gift falls into the wrong hands.
And Blown-Away Man is about an advertising exec who goes on a journey of self-discovery after an old friend drops a bombshell on him at a school reunion.
The Adventures of Fartella Gasratilova is a collection of short, humorous stories (of a rather windy nature) for children. It would’ve been called The Adventures of Fartina Gasratilova, but then I imagined a very unamused Martina Navratilova catching wind of it (sorry) and decided it might be best if I changed the name. (Obviously I do have an overactive imagination or else I wouldn’t be a writer in the first place.) Anyway, here’s what one parent had to say about it on his blog.

NEW news: My long, rollercoaster of a writing journey has recently turned a very positive corner: I’m totes-over-the-moonballs to now be represented by Lauren Gardner of Bell Lomax Moreton literary agency. And – as if that wasn’t exciting enough – my current WIP, YA comedy drama The Reinvention of Rolo Rawlings was recently shortlisted for the Bath Children’s Novel Award 2017. As Rolo would say: “What the fandango…?!”

OLD news: After previous attempts to get published failed at the last hurdle, I tried my hand at self-publishing (see my interview in The Guardian, from Aug 2013). While my success was humble, it was a satisfying and worthwhile experience that taught me a lot, and gave me hope in those dark times when writers wonder if anything they’ve written will ever see the light of day.

Other stuff: I’m married with two children and live in Brighton. I’m addicted to all the usual things in life: caffeine, chocolate, Doritos, Nordic Noir, checking the weather forecast in 10 different countries five times a day, and (as a former sub-editor on a tabloid newspaper) puns. (Remember The Pun Down? Sigh…)

Email: tharrisonwriter @ gmail . com or follow me on Twitter
‘m also on Facebook as Tasha Harrison writer and am finding my feet on Instagram as Wordysnappinghood.

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