Nudge, nudge, link, link…

I’d like to recommend a few links worth browsing. Firstly, Calling All Dentists author Tara Ford has kindly invited me to feature in her author showcase, alongside lots of other authors of all genres, both independently published and traditionally published. Take a look.

Secondly, you must definitely pay a visit to author Jill Rowan’s blog and check out her books. I’ve read two of Jill’s novels so far – The Legacy and The Dream – both of which I couldn’t put down. I’m also looking forward to reading her latest release, Angelica Died. If you like stories with a time travel or supernatural twist, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’ve got a short story in you, check out this fantastic Brighton-based competition with a cash prize, The Brighton Prize. And be sure to follow @rattletales on Twitter.

And last but not least (and I realise I should’ve posted about this weeks ago, but I’ve fallen a bit behind), something you can bookmark for next year: Hove Book Festival, a 3-day literary festival in Hove (actually), that will appeal to readers and writers alike.



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